Ammonia Detector

Our Flameproof Ammonia Detector Mumbai that operates on 24/12VDC power input and offers a NO/NC, 4-20mA, RS485 type output contact.The addressable type Ammonia Gas Detector offers continuous monitoring of Ammonia Detector and the sensor can be set to a “High” or “Low” point. As a result, the user can keep a track of the change is concentration of the gases in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. The sensors are calibrated using NPL approved calibration gases in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. Hence,the sensors show accurate results as per the standards.

Product Features:

  • Weather proof and dust proof (IP66) enclosure
  • CCOE and CMRI approved Enclosure
  • PFC for remote signaling and control.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • Fast Response
  • MCU Based
  • Japanese Sensor with 5 years of shelf-life.

Technical Features:

  • Detected Gas Ammonia (NH3)
  • Alarm Level 35 PPM
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 55 °C
  • Operating Humidity <95%
  • Sound Level <80 dB (In one meter)
  • Power Supply 24 VDC/12VDC
  • Current <250 mA