Control Panel

1) Conventional Gas Leak Panel:

The GJ panel is 2-Zone control panel. It is indicating equipment forms the central part of a fire detection and alarm system. The 2-wire is compatible with our Gas leak detector models. And it is the central part of conventional fire alarm system, designed for applications requiring gas leak detector, bell, manual pull stations, and sprinkler supervision. Each zone can be disabled by a button. The basic unit offers 1 to 8 zones of initiation, up to 32 zones for larger applications.Our panel is compatible with almost any brand of Gas Detectors.

The panel comes with standard with features that allows flexibility and expandability. Default configuration programming facilitates out-of-box installation and rapid commissioning.

2) Addressable Gas Leak Panel:

Gas Leak Alarm Control Panel is fully compatible with all our Addressable Gas Leak Detectors and triggers an alarm to alert the occupants when the presence of gas leak is identified by the detectors. The control panel continuously monitors the status of the detectors and is capable of displaying the apartment number and location of Gas Leak which enables to take further action.