Gas Detector Calibration Service

Product Description:

Crimscent Industries provides Gas Detector Calibration Service for all brand of gas detectors. We can calibrate,service or replace detectors in our calibration laboratories located across in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, India. Crimscent Industries can provide both traceable and NPL/NIST accredited calibration services, depending on the client’s requirement.

Gas Detector type, concentration range as given below :

  • CH4: catalytic; 0-100% LEL, 0-5% vol
  • CH4: NDIR; 0-50% LEL
  • CO: electrochemical; 0-1000 ppm
  • CO2: NDIR; 0-5% vol
  • H2S: electrochemical; 0-200 ppm
  • O2: electrochemical; 0-25%
  • NO: electrochemical; 0-100 ppm
  • NO2: electrochemical; 0-50ppm